History of APDT

    The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) was founded in 1993 by Ian Dunbar, PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT-KA. A renowned veterinarian, animal behaviourist, dog trainer and writer, Dr. Dunbar created the APDT as a forum for trainers to network with each other and provide educational opportunities.

    Today with almost 6,000 members, the APDT has grown to be the largest association of dog trainers in the world. With a goal of helping trainers become better through education, the APDT provides an industry standard of excellence for our profession.

    Now the APDT has been founded in Ireland. A group of Irish trainers who employ only ethical training methods have got together and formed the Irish APDT. There are APDT’s in the US and the UK and other countries around the world and now here in Ireland!

    This should have a positive impact on dog training in Ireland and help create a base standard, support for dog trainers and an easily accessible repository for the client to search for a trainer who is competent, safe and most importantly with the dogs welfare in mind.

    Ethical dog training means that no painful or fearful methods of training are involved so the dogs’ welfare is prioritised. For example no choke chains, electric shock collars, prong collars or harsh punishers are ever used when training by APDT Ireland members. Trainers are respectful and understanding of owners needs.

    The type of training that is promoted is called positive reinforcement based training. All training that we promote is based on the science of animal learning and up to date theories. The APDT will not subscribe to or promote any sort of dog whispering or dog listening type training. The member trainers will join and must conform to a code of conduct.

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