APDT Ireland – Patrons and Advisors

    Professor Ray Coppinger – APDTIre No. 007. President of APDT Ireland

    It is with enormous sadness that we miss our wonderful President, Professor Ray Coppinger, who lost a short battle with cancer in August 2017.

    What an honour it was to have the Godfather of Dog Behavioural Science as our President!
    Ray was Professor Emeritus of biology at Hampshire College. As an ethologist, his approach to dog behaviour focused on the behavioural design of the species, on why their physical shape, physiology, genetic make-up, and development makes them behave like… dogs!
    Ray and his beloved wife Lorna’s seminal book “Dogs. A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution” (2001) revolutionised our understanding of how the dog “self-domesticated” in order to exploit a new ecological niche, and how physical, genetic and developmental processes shape behavioural differences between breeds, and indeed shapes and limits the very behaviour of each breed too.
    Ray co-authored two new books published in 2016. “How Dogs Work”, written with cognitive scientist Mark Feinstein, and “What is a Dog?”, again written with Lorna, explore the ideas and research which was first introduced in the ground-breaking “Dogs”. At the invitation of APDT Ireland, Ray travelled to Ireland in 2015 to present a seminar introducing the content of these two wonderful books, his first time lecturing in Ireland.
    Working dogs are a real research speciality, and Ray and Lorna have played pivotal roles in developing projects with dogs for the disabled, whilst their work with livestock guarding breeds and sled dogs is legendary.
    Ray had also recently published a new edition of his hilarious “Fishing Dogs”, a unique take on what hunting dogs might actually look like if Ray’s imagination was let loose!

    Professor Peter Neville – APDTIre No. 004

    Professor Peter Neville

    After studying Biology and Environmental Sciences at Lancaster University in the UK, Peter began his professional career with animals by working for three years as a Research Biologist for the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare both in the UK and overseas, mainly on the study and development of trap/neuter/release programmes for feral cats.

    He was awarded a Doctorate by the Danish Ethologist Institute in 1991 and has continued to work in the field of companion animal behaviour. Peter has been in practice for the treatment of behavioural problems in pets for over twenty years and established the first behaviour referral clinic at a UK Veterinary school at the Dept of Veterinary Medicine, Bristol in 1990.

    He is the author of the internationally best-selling books: ‘Do Cats Need Shrinks?’ and ‘Do Dogs Need Shrinks?’ and author/co-author of 13 other books, as well as videos and many scientific papers on feline and canine behaviour. He is a regular contributor to leading pet magazines in the UK, including Your Cat and Dogs Today, and is a speaker in high demand at veterinary and behaviour meetings around the world. He is also a member of the Behaviour Panel of the Feline Advisory Bureau in the UK.

    Peter was a Founding Partner of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (www.coape.org) in 1993 and was appointed Clinical Professor at the Dept of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Miyazaki, Japan in 2008 and, after 5 years as Visiting Scholar at The Ohio State University, USA, was appointed Adjunct Professor there in 2009. He is also the companion animal behaviour consultant to several commercial companies in the UK and USA.

    On a personal note, Peter is a qualified Open Water Diver, and a keen fly fisherman and hill walker. He climbed Kilimanjaro in 2005 and once walked the 1000 mile length of the UK on footpaths. He leads regular ‘behind the scenes’ safaris to study African Wild Dogs and other predators in Africa.

    Website(s) : www.pneville.comwww.coape.org

    Andrea Arden – APDTIre No. 001

    Andrea Arden

    is a charter member and served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Animal Haven Shelter in New York.

    Andrea can be seen on Animal Planet’s shows Underdog to Wonderdog, Dogs101, Cats101, and America’s Cutest Dog. She was the trainer for The Pet Department, FX’s Emmy nominated daily show, and appears regularly on The Today Show.

    Her appearances also include 20/20, Dateline NBC, Live with Regis & Kelly, The View, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, CBS News, CNN, Fox, PBS, Fox News, and Lifetime, as well as numerous radio shows.

    She has authored five books including Dog Friendly Dog Training (Wiley, 2007), Train Your Dog the Lazy Way (Macmillan, 1999), and The Little Book of Dog Tricks (IDG, 2002), and has been the behavior columnist for Dog Fancy and The New York Dog magazines as well as a contributing writer for the AKC Gazette, Modern Dog and numerous other publications.

    Andrea is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers and a Certified Pet Partners Team evaluator for the Delta Society and the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. She is the director of Andrea Arden Dog Training, and was named the best dog trainer in New York by New York, W, Time Out and Quest magazines and the Daily News.

    Perhaps most importantly, Andrea shares her heart and home with two dogs and two cats.

    Dr. Ian Dunbar – APDTIre No. 002

    Dr. Ian Dunbar

    Ian is a veterinarian, animal behaviourist, and writer. Dr. Dunbar received his veterinary degree and a Special Honours degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University) and a doctorate in animal behaviour from the Psychology Department at the University of California in Berkeley, where he spent ten years researching olfactory communication, the development of hierarchical social behaviour, and aggression in domestic dogs.

    Dr. Dunbar is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the International Society for Applied Ethology, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour, the California Veterinary Medical Association, the Sierra Veterinary Medical Association, In 1993, Dr. Dunbar founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) in the United States and organized the first two Annual Conferences.

    Dr. Dunbar joined the Society for Veterinary Ethology (now the International Society for Applied Ethology) over 35 years ago, at which time he was the only member specializing in dog and cat behaviour problems. Later he was involved in the establishment of the American SVE (now the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour).

    Dr. Dunbar has written numerous books, including a series of Behaviour Booklets—separate educational booklets on each of the most common pet behaviour problems. Additionally, Ian has hosted eleven videotapes on puppy/dog behaviour and training, all his videos have won a variety of awards. The famous SIRIUS Puppy Training video (the first dog training video ever produced) remains the all-time best selling dog video. For three years running the SIRIUS® video has always been voted the #1 BEST DOG TRAINING VIDEO by the Association of Pet Dog trainers-the largest and most influential association of dog trainers in the world.

    Ian has been lecturing to veterinarians and dog clubs for over thirty years. In fact, since 1986 he has conducted over 800 days of seminar and workshop for trainers and veterinarians around the world. There are very few educated trainers who have not been strongly influenced by Dr. Dunbar’s fun & games, from-the-animal’s-point-of-view, dog friendly dog training.

    Dr. Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed DipCABT MRCVS

    Robert Falconer_Taylor

    Robert Falconer-Taylor successfully passed his COAPE Diploma in 2002 and has since become Veterinary Consultant to COAPE and one of the three tutors on the COAPE Diploma course, as well as being the author and tutor of several other COAPE courses.

    He qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1981 and first went into mixed veterinary practice and then into exclusively companion animal practice.

    Robert has also spent time in industry as a management consultant and IT specialist and as a trainer to the veterinary and allied professions.

    He joined COAPE as a partner in September, 2008 and moved to the Highlands of Scotland in 2009 where he currently devotes most of his time to education, lecturing in UK and abroad, writing, consultancy work for the pet industry and animal welfare.

    APDT Ireland are proud to accept Robert as one of our Veterinary advisers on behavioural and veterinary treatment issues.

    Val Strong MSc.

    Val Strong

    Val Strong has been a Partner of COAPE since 1997 and now heads a large behaviour practice in the north of England. She has worked with dogs and horses for most of her life and was responsible for developing the first puppy socialisation classes in South Yorkshire.

    She is an international speaker and is well known for her work in the assistance dog training industry, being the world leader in the training of Emergency Response Dogs for people with epilepsy and other complex medical conditions.

    Val has many years experience in the training and rehabilitation of problem dogs and horses and is an expert in the effects of diet on canine behaviour, rehabilitation and training. Val has written a number of booklets on canine behaviour and training and is co-author of several research papers.

    Val divides her time between running a Boarding Cattery, training her 2 horses, teaching, lecturing and running a mentoring scheme for students wishing to specialise in training dogs for people with disabilities and special needs.

    APDT Ireland are proud to have Val on board to help with nutritional and special needs advice.

    Frances Harvey MVB, MRCVS

    Francis Harvey

    Frances graduated from the UCD Faculty of veterinary Medicine in 1984. Her first employment was in general practise in Connemara, followed by a year as Veterinary Inspector (TVI) for the Dept. of Agriculture in Longford.

    Over the following years, Frances saw practise in Drogheda, Newry, Belfast (including work in Belfast Zoo), Ballsbridge and Navan, in mixed and small animal practises.

    In 2001, Frances opened her own surgery in Slane, Co. Meath where she still practises in small animal medicine and surgery.

    Frances’s special interests are in surgery and neurology. She has completed her taught Masters with the ECVIM and hopes to complete the associated exams in 2011.

    Frances is dedicated to keeping her training up-to-date, and regularly attends BSAVA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, in subjects such as small animal surgery, diagnostic neurology, spinal surgery, endocrinology, and a number of courses in orthopaedics.

    Frances has been nominated 3 times for Stronghold Vet of The Year (2002, ’03, ’05), and works closely with a number of animal rescue groups including Dogs Aid, Drogheda Animal Rescue, and Westie Rescue Ireland.