Choosing a Dog Trainer

    Hand holding a dog's paw.

    Anyone can set themselves up as a dog trainer or behaviourist: a number of people do both. Trainers help owners with teaching, obedience, life-skills, and general management of their dogs, whereas behaviourists require a very in-depth knowledge of the science of dog behaviour and learning in order to deal with psychological and behavioural problems with dogs.

    The dog-training and behaviour industry across the world is finally beginning to demand an improvement of standards in both training and behaviour.

    Dog trainers should have a proven ability to be able to run a safe, effective, yet fun training environment in which dogs and owners can learn to the optimal level, without undergoing stress: that goes for dog and owner! Think of how you’d feel about sending the kids off to school to be taught by a person who is not qualified to teach: not a good situation!

    APDT Ireland seeks to give dog owners the opportunity to attend classes throughout Ireland, run by suitably qualified, certified APDT Ireland dog trainers. Behaviour is a science: unqualified people are not permitted to treat behaviour problems in humans, and there is no reason why an owner should have to make do with an unqualified, self-titled behaviourist to treat behavioural problems in their dogs.

    Indeed, across the world, there is an ever-growing requirement for behaviourists to meet standards of qualification and education in order to practice, a concept that is embraced by APDT Ireland.

    A dog behaviourist, just like a human behaviourist, should have a scientific background, with qualifications and certification from recognized universities, colleges, and animal behaviour acadamies. Although we are primarily an organisation for dog trainers, we at APDT Ireland are happy to assist owners in finding a suitable behaviourist should they require the services of one.

    Our members embrace positive, reward-based, dog-friendly training techniques so that both dog and owner can enjoy learning new skills in a friendly environment. Such a relaxed and friendly environment is proven to maximize learning and to promote confidence and initiative in dogs.

    Our members can help you with puppy classes, basic obedience, more advanced competitive obedience, agility, clicker training, even skills such as heelwork to music! Our members will never resort to using inappropriate, harsh or punitive training techniques, or to using pain- or fear-inducing equipment.

    It’s all about fun, understanding, and building a positive relationship between owners and their dogs!

    People with their dogs