New Baby

    Mother and baby with a dog

    You need to prepare your dog as soon as you are aware there will be a new arrival! The more time you spend training your pet the easier the whole preparation will be.

    Let your midwife know you have a dog and you are seeking professional guidance to help your pet adjust.

    DO NOT leave this preparation to the last few months. Your dog will need as much time as possible to adjust to the disruption in his life!

    In the months before the baby arrives.

    The baby’s here! Now what?

    You can also help calm the environment for your dog by using the Dog Appeasing Pheromone or D.A.P diffuser in the home. This helps dogs in environments and situations they my find worrying or which makes them apprehensive. The diffuser is available from your Vet or many good pet shops.

    Remember to praise and treat your dog when he is calm and ignore any attempt at contact from him until you ask for it. Do not try to appease him when he is nervous, as this will have the consequence of you unintentionally reinforcing his feelings of unease

    No matter how much you trust your dog never leave a baby or child alone with a dog no matter how good you think they are. Dogs have off days and moods just like we do and children can be naughty, this is not a good combination.

    You never know how things will turn out once your dog gets used to the new addition to his family!

    Give your dog plenty of things to keep him occupied. As Peter Neville once told me “if you don’t give a dog a job, he’ll go self employed!”

    Bev Truss CABT (COAPE)