The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland

    Mission statement:To set a standard of excellence for dog training professionals and
    to foster the human/canine bond through education and the promotion
    of reward-based, dog-friendly training methods.

    APDT Ireland has created the Code of Practice in accordance with our mission statement and State-applied legal requirements. The Code of Practice frames our ethos and objectives and will guide members to understand and adhere to a training approach incorporating kind, efficient and ethical dog training practices.

    The Association’s code and practices are designed to give owners confidence that APDT Ireland accredited trainers have a scientifically based dog-training education which will enhance a caring, compassionate and rewarding learning experience for both themselves and their dogs. Below is an abridged version of the APDT Ireland Code of Practice, to include the most salient elements of the Code of Practice. The full code may be obtained at any time from our administrator at info@apdt.ie.

    APDT Ireland Abridged Code of Practice

    As a member of APDT Ireland, I shall:

    In addition, all members who engage in dog training classes or consultations which may bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults, are strongly urged to obtain certified Garda Clearance due to the requirements of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016, if they have not already done so. This will become a requirement for membership in due course.

    This is my commitment to the Association, my colleagues, my clients and their dogs.
    I agree to adhere to this code as long as I am a member of the Association and I understand that any infringement on the above code may result in termination of my membership.