Dog Trainers in Dublin

    Name: Emmaline Duffy-Fallon SFSPCA CC

    APDTI No: 008

    Address: Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow

    Tel. No: 085 7697274


    Email: emmalineduffyfallon@yahoomail.com

    Website: http://www.citizencanineireland.com

    Training and obedience classes; Puppies and adult dogs; One-to-one home consultations; Behavioural consultations; Clicker training; One-to-one residential training

    Name: Lisa Jones DipCABT

    APDTI No: 012


    Tel. No: 087 6342348


    Email: littlewags@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.littlewagsdogtraining.com

    Training and Obedience classes; Puppy and Adult classes; One-to-one home consultations; Behavioural consultations

    Name: Karen Kelly

    APDTI No: 017

    Address: Swords, Co. Dublin

    Tel. No:

    Mobile: 087 6537446

    Email: kazkelly@eircom.net

    Website: In development

    One-to-one home consultations; Behavioural consultations; Clicker training; Puppies and adult dogs; Agility

    Name: Ciara D'Arcy

    APDTI No: 021

    Address: 138-140 Harmonstown Road, Raheny, Dublin 5

    Tel. No: 0183 14132

    Mobile: 085 7308173

    Email: info@thedogden.ie

    Website: http://www.thedogden.ie

    Group training classes; Obedience, Tricks, Scentwork; Reactive Dog Classes; Private one-to-one training; Adult dogs and puppies

    Name: Sasha Louis de Canonville

    APDTI No: 031

    Address: Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

    Tel. No:

    Mobile: 085 8560252

    Email: sasha@petcareathome.ie

    Website: http://www.petcareathome.ie

    One-to-one dog training; Puppies and adult dogs

    Name: Joanne Heffernan

    APDTI No: 036

    Address: Ballyboden, Dublin 16

    Tel. No: 089 4437595

    Mobile: 089 4437595

    Email: heffernanjs@gmail.com

    Website: In development

    One-to-one home consultations Puppies and adult dogs

    Name: Michelle Hayes

    APDTI No: 037

    Address: Blackrock, Co. Dublin

    Tel. No: 086 8168764

    Mobile: 086 8168764

    Email: maas.m9@gmail.com



    Name: Stephen O'Keeffe BSc, PG Dip, MSc

    APDTI No: 038

    Address: Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

    Tel. No: 087 7678303

    Mobile: 087 7678303

    Email: info@dogslifetraining.ie

    Website: http://www.dogslifetraining.ie

    One-to-one home consultations; Puppy and adult dogs; Training consultations; Behavioural consultations; Clicker Training; Dog Bite Prevention for kids; Lead Training Walks

    Name: Eamonn Dempsey

    APDTI No: 039

    Address: Bray, Dublin

    Tel. No: 085 1536388

    Mobile: 085 1536388

    Email: eamondempsey@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.bestdog.ie

    One-to-one home consultations; Puppies and adult dogs; Assistance Dog Training; Behavioural issues

    Name: Rionach Day

    APDTI No: 040

    Address: Celbridge, Co. Kildare

    Tel. No: 087 1209439

    Mobile: 087 1209439

    Email: rionachday@gmail.com

    Website: In development

    Puppies and adult dogs; Puppy classes; Obedience classes; Individual one-to-one classes

    Name: Enda Mullen

    APDTI No: 048

    Address: Blessington, Co. Wicklow

    Tel. No: 01 4582923

    Mobile: 086 7855540

    Email: emullen1@eircom.net


    Obedience classes; One-to-one training; Scentwork enrichment; Covering Wicklow, east Kildare, south Dublin

    Name: Donna Lennox

    APDTI No: 053

    Address: Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin

    Tel. No: 0876437792


    Email: donnamlennox23@yahoo.ie

    Website: Under construction

    Individual one-to-one training; Obedience training; Clicker training; Agility; Scentwork and enrichment; Preparing for new pup advice