APDT Ireland Membership

    APDT Ireland Offers 2 Levels of Membership: Professional Membership, and Student Membership.

    Professional Membership:

    Fee: €60 (initial once-off assessment fee is €150: new Professional Members receive a 50% discount on their first year’s membership fee). Professional members must complete the application form, which can be obtained by contacting our Administrator at info@apdt.ie, and return it to the address on the form.

    Professional members are required to undergo an assessment before being accepted as a professional member. The assessment is divided into 3 sections:

    1. Written Assessment:

    Consisting of a number of multiple-choice questions and answers, and essay-style questions. The written assessment tests your knowledge of the science of learning theory, the skills behind running an effective dog training class, and your general knowledge of canine issues. The written assessment must be returned to the APDT Ireland before a specified date.

    Your written work will be corrected by the APDT Ireland Assessments team, and based on your answers you will either be called forward for practical assessment, or you will receive notification that you haven’t demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills on this occasion, but you are invited to reflect, and re-apply again at a later date.

    2. Practical Assessment:

    Practical assessments will be held at specified venues on a regular basis by APDT Ireland. The candidate will take a class whilst being assessed by the APDT Ireland Assessment team, and will establish whether you have the sufficient practical skills and attitude to become an APDT Ireland Professional Member. The practical assessment lasts for about 1 hour.

    3. Oral Assessment:

    After the practical assessment, the candidate will be interviewed by the APDT Ireland Assessment Team. This part of the assessment helps you to cover various elements which arose during the class assessment, and gives our Assessment Team the opportunity to clarify elements of your written and practical assessments. The Oral Assessment lasts about 30 mins.

    At each stage, you will be assessed on:

    Once the assessments are over, you will shortly receive communication from APDT Ireland. You will either learn that you have been successful in your assessment and you will be invited to become a Professional Member of APDT Ireland, or that you have not been successful on this occasion. If you have not been successful, we will advise you of where improvements might be made, and invite you to reflect, and re-apply for assessment at a later date.

    You may not have been successful because you did not demonstrate the required skills as listed above, or because your methods did not conform to the spirit of the APDT Ireland Code of Practice. The Assessment Team’s decision is final.

    To start the assessment procedure for Professional Membership:

    Once your application form is returned to APDT Ireland, you will receive an Application Pack in the post. The Application Pack contains all the information you need to complete the written part of the assessment procedure. You will also be given a date by which the work should be returned. Shortly after, you will be informed whether or not you have been selected to go forward for Practical Assessment.


    Student Membership:

    Fee €20. APDT Ireland also offers Student Membership for people who are studying dog training or behaviour and have not yet reached the level required to be a Professional Member of APDT Ireland. The Student member benefits from access to the APDT Ireland Discussion Forum where you can avail of great advice and help from other members, free copies of the APDT Ireland newsletter, and reduced fees to APDT Ireland events and seminars. Please note that Student Members may not use the APDT Ireland logo in conjunction with their names, and are not issued with a membership number. Please contact our Administrator at info@apdt.ie for your application form.


    Membership Renewal and Lapsed Membership
    Membership renewals are due by the 31st of March each year. Members who have not renewed by May 31st in the due year will have their details removed from the website, and will be required to stop using the APDT Ireland logo and membership number.
    Professional members who do not renew their membership will be deemed to have left the organisation 13 months after their last remittance was due. Should you wish to reapply under these circumstances, you will be required to undergo the full assessment process as outlined above again.